Word of the Week

I introduced the Word of the Week to help us improve our working knowledge of the English language. Your part if you choose to participate is to be aware of and use each word for the entire week whenever the opportunity presents itself. This way we will all increase our vocabulary and our knowledge of the English language supplying us with a very effective tool to utilize on our road to success.


te·mer·i·ty /təˈmerəti/ noun

the quality of being confident and unafraid of danger or punishment.

From a poem entitled “It’s No Surprise”

“Eyes exuding sincerity,

understanding, temerity,

is why I love you.”

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where Two Souls Touch

To have been clothed in true love
where two souls touch
to have loved at loves most intimate depths
to have been loved at loves most sacred level
is the most beautiful joyful experience
we are able to draw from Universal Mind
be grateful, if you have truly loved
be grateful, if you have been bestowed with true love
for few ever share love on the holy plane of spirit
where two souls touch
so innocent, so giving - for love
does not take nor possess - love gives,
gives abundantly
Love freely releases, accepting each has their time
I have been one so graciously blessed
for I have shared such love
I have released such love
it is with pain and with joy I watch love grow
I gather solace knowing the love
where two souls touched
will forever remain
thank you so very much for the honour
to have experienced unconditional love
the love where two souls touch

My mission - purpose - is to assist others to achieve a higher quality of life and understanding - realizing their power and purpose in life through gaining clarity of thought and definiteness of purpose.